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About VisitBritain

The organisation VisitBritain markets Britain to the rest of the world and England to the British, building the value of tourism throughout Britain and throughout the year by creating world-class destination brands and marketing campaigns. It is funded by the British Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

When you're looking for a hotel boat to go on, you need a rating system you can trust, an independent assessment of what you can expect to find gives you an invaluable guarantee that your stay will meet your expectations. So VisitBritain uses a National Quality Assurance Standard which brings together the vast experience of dedicated tourism professionals, with over 30 years of expertise in running quality standards. VisitBritain is the only organisation that offers a national quality assurance standard for Hotel Boats among many other tourist destinations.


VisitBritain says

"High quality is seldom achieved by chance. It is almost invariably the outcome of care, attention to detail and fitness for purpose intended, allied to a genuine concern for the needs, comfort and convenience of the user. It is not just about the physical quality, it is also about giving people choices and making services easy to use.

"An assessment records the presence or absence of physical features. In addition, the quality assessment reflects the condition, cleanliness, comfort and ease of use of these facilities. It also reflects upon the warmth of the welcome and the atmosphere generated by the staff during a guest's holiday.

"All aspects of a boat are given a 'Quality Score' during the assessment process. Some areas are given additional weighting to reflect their importance to the guests."


Our Assessment

Reed Boats had a 24 hour visit by an assessor from VisitBritain at the end of October 2005. She joined us in time for lunch. Spent the afternoon examining every inch of the boats, was with us for dinner, and spent the night in a guest cabin, then left after breakfast the next day. She left nothing to chance, she tried out each bed and carefully examined the bedding for wear. She hunted everywhere for cobwebs, (she found just one in the top corner of a toilet!) As well as enjoying dinner she carefully assessed each course and how it was served. She seemed to ask endless questions on all aspects of the cruises we provide. When at the end she said that we were a "relatively new operation, which offers guests a relaxing holiday to a good overall standard", and that we came up to the very strict conditions that VisitBritain set and could this year be awarded three stars, it was certain that we had really earned them.

The assessor came back in August 2008. She joined us as we moored up and stayed till after dinner. Again she left nothing to chance inspecting all the cabins and watching carefully the way we dealt with the five guests we had with us. At the end she told us we were still holding a very high standard and she was delighted to confirm our Four Stars.

The visits were very interesting because they were carried out by someone who has seen what the best of the Hotel Boats have been able to offer over the years. It is not only an assurance that we are up to standard but she also challenged us to aim yet still higher offering much good advice as to how this could be achieved. Advice that we will now be carrying out.



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