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Please note that we are not now operating Reed Boats

as a cruising Hotel.

These pages are for historic interest only.




1 Definitions.
"Booking" means the legally binding agreement between You and the Company
."Booking Confirmation" means the written confirmation issued to You by the Company confirming the booking.
"Booking Period" means the period that You have booked for, as stated in the Booking Confirmation.
"Company" means Reed Boats of 2 Lyons Lodge, Withington.
"Conditions" means these Booking Conditions.
"Price" means the price in the Booking Confirmation.
"You" means the person or persons named in the Booking Confirmation. If there is more than one of You each of You shall be individually responsible for complying with the terms of the Booking.
"written" means that the item has been printed, typed, written out by hand or sent or displayed by email or other electronic means.

2 Booking.
(a) Your Booking only comes into existence when the Company sends out the Booking Confirmation. A provisional or conditional booking is not binding and You may cancel it at any time before the Booking Confirmation is sent out to You by the Company. Similarly the Company may refuse your booking at any time before a Booking Confirmation has been sent to You.
(b) The entire agreement between You and the Company is contained in these Conditions, the Booking request and the Booking Confirmation.
(c) If Your party includes any infirm or disabled persons with specific needs. You should make relevant enquiries at the time of booking and declare it on the booking form.
(d) Pets and children under 14 years of age are not allowed on the boat except by prior agreement of the company and on full boat Charter Bookings.

3 Prices & Payment.
(a) The Company's advertised prices are in pounds sterling and include any applicable government taxes. If the rates of applicable government tax are changed any difference will be charged or refunded to You as the case may be.
(b)The Company reserves the right to correct errors in advertised or quoted prices at the time of Booking Confirmation.
(c)Payment is deemed to have been made when cleared funds are received in the Company's bank account.
(d) The deposit is payable at the time of the Booking request. It is 20% of the total Price. The balance of the Price is due six weeks before the start date. For Bookings made less than eight weeks before the start date You must pay the full Price at the time of Booking.

4 Your Party.
(a) The Booking is made between You and the Company. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. You must be authorised by all other members of Your party to enter into the Booking on their behalf. You are responsible for making all members of Your party aware of the terms of the Booking.
(b) The Company will not enter into Bookings for school parties, youth groups, hen or stag parties or for any commercial purpose without prior information. If the Company later becomes aware that Your party actually falls within this definition but that You have not disclosed it to the Company then the Company may terminate Your Booking. In this event the deposit and any other part of the Price which you have paid at that time will be retained by the Company and you will remain liable to pay the balance of the Price.
(c) Where You or a member of your party has special dietary requirements, please state this on the booking form, as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to comply with any such requirements notified to us after the Booking Confirmation has been issued.
(d) The Company reserves the right to expel any person found smoking inside the vessels, or who on the opinion of the master of the vessel exhibits behaviour disruptive to the group. No compensation will be returned for cruise time or facilities cancelled due to this action.

5 Cancellations.
(a) If You want to cancel or change Your Booking you must immediately telephone and then give the Company written notice. The date of receipt of the written notice shall be the effective cancellation date. You are liable for the full charge of the booking, unless the Company re-lets your berth(s) In which case the Company will return the charge which You have paid in respect of any days for which it has re-let the boat after deducting an administration fee of £50 and the non-returnable deposit.
(b) The Company may cancel the Booking with a written notice, if in its reasonable opinion embarkation or the continuation of the Booking will adversely affect the safety of any person or property of the Company, or if in the opinion of the master of the vessel behaviour is exhibited which is disruptive to other clients. The Company will then refund the deposit and any other monies which You have paid to the Company, less any costs incurred by the company, and the Booking shall be discharged without further liability on either party.

6 Arrival, departure and route.
(a) The boat will normally be available at the date, time and place shown in the Booking Confirmation. You must notify the Company as soon as possible if Your estimated arrival time is delayed or disrupted. The Company cannot guarantee that it will be able to wait for you and may, at its option, elect to treat this as a full or partial cancellation. There will be no rebate of the Price for late arrival nor will the Company accept responsibility for any costs which You may incur if you fail to reach the boat on time.
(b) In the event that the boat is not available for the whole of the booked holiday due to any circumstance for which the Company is not responsible (such as damage or mechanical breakdown,) the Company shall immediately refund You with the deposit and any other payments You have made.
(c) The Company reserves the right to change the places and date of embarkation and disembarkation for operational reasons or for reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Company. If the Company exercises this right, the Company shall organise the transport, and or accommodation that is reasonably necessary for You and Your party as a result of that change.
(d) The Company shall endeavour to keep to the agreed cruising schedule and timetable, however the Company reserves the right to make changes to the schedule should navigational difficulties or other events beyond the reasonable control of the Company so require.

7 Limits of Liability.
(a) The Company shall not be liable to pay any compensation, damages, costs or expenses for any claim arising from any cause beyond the Company's reasonable control which could not have been mitigated or avoided by the Company including but not limited to: Loss of or damage to any person's property; non-fulfilment, interruption or delay to the Booking; breakdowns, mechanical problems; restrictions on cruising, storms, floods, droughts, ice, shortage of water or other weather or climactic conditions; rationing, shortage or non availability of fuel; consequential loss, damage or expense which You incur including the cost of alternative transport, accommodation or other holiday provision.
(b) The Company's total liability to You and any person claiming through You in respect of all claims which may arise under the Agreement (other than in respect of claims for personal injury or death due to negligence on the part of the Company) shall be limited in aggregate to the Total price actually paid by You to the Company in respect of the Agreement in question.

8 Brochure.
The specifications of boats, their accommodation, facilities and equipment in the brochures and website are intended as a general guide and the Company shall not be liable in the event of any insubstantial differences in the boats and reserves the right to make modifications. .

9 Disputes.
(a) Disputes which cannot be resolved by negotiation, can be submitted to the British Marine Federation's Dispute Resolution Scheme, details at BM Mediation Scheme. .
(b) Any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
(c) Only the named parties to the Agreement may enforce the terms of the Agreement.
(d) The parties agree that the Contracts (Rights of third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this Agreement.


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Please note that we are not now operating Reed Boats

as a cruising Hotel.

These pages are for historic interest only.


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