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Please note that we are not now operating Reed Boats

as a cruising Hotel.

These pages are for historic interest only.


How to book your cruise ...

  • First contact us by phone on 07977 229103 to see if we have a cabin free when you wish to come. We will then hold this place for 14 days while you complete your booking form. Please phone, back if you change your mind during this time.
  • Note that the booking is only confirmed when we reply in writing accepting the booking.
  • Six to eight weeks before you are due to join us we will send you the final invoice with full joining instructions, giving details of exactly where we will be moored. We will include some suggestions as to public transport and people you can contact to arrange car parking if you want to drive.
  • Four weeks before you join us you will need to let us have the full balance for your booking. (If you book within six weeks of your chosen cruise date, then you will need to send us the full amount with the booking form )

Please note
1.. Once we have confirmed the booking you are liable for the full cost of the holiday, whatever the reason for the cancellation. We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance for all members of your party.
2.. When you send us a booking form you are agreeing to the Booking Terms and Conditions set out on this web site. When we reply confirming the booking we are signifying our acceptance of them as well and will include a copy with the confirmation letter.
3.. Your money is protected in the event of insolvency before your holiday. Your money is only released for our use after your holiday.


For 2011 our prices for a full cruise are --






£485 per person for a 5 night cruise.


£575 per person for a 6 night cruise.


£665 per person for a 7 night cruise


£755 per person for a 8 night cruise.


For 2011 our prices for a short break are --






£345 per person for a 3 night short break. £435 per persom for a 4 night short break.  



Remember our Discounts.

. (Overseas visitors can convert our prices to their own currency using this currency converter link. .Payment can be accepted as cheques or bank transfers in your local currency. But you will have to pay any bank charges involved in such transactions.)

The prices include

  • Full board accommodation, including all meals, Breakfast, Lunch, four course evening meal. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cake, biscuits whenever you want.
  • Cruising on the boats, with a crew to do the work!
  • A glass of wine or beer with dinner.
  • All bedding and towels
  • Use of all facilities on the boat.
  • If you come for two consecutive weeks, we will do a bag of your personal laundry for you on the turn round day in the middle.
  • All service and VAT charges, there are no hidden supplements to catch you by surprise.

The prices do not include.

  • Bar Bill for any extra drinks booked.
  • Transport arranged outside the boat, i.e. to attractions away from the canal you choose to go to during your cruise.
  • Admission prices to local attractions.
  • Cost of getting to the boats at the start of the holiday, and the cost of returning home, or back to your car, at the end. (Transport one way is included in Short Breaks.)
  • Any car park charges incurred.


Three discounts apply.

With a Charter Booking as well as getting the 20% discount and being our only guests that week you can also ....

  • Choose the menu. - About six to eight weeks before you come, when we send you the final bill, we will send you copies of the different menus we will be using this year and you can choose which one you fancy.
  • Bring all your family. - You can bring children of all ages, and some well behaved pets.
  • Make some changes to the Route. - Although we will need to start and end your cruise at the advertised places, we can often make small changes in the exact route and where we stop to suit you. Options will be discussed on the first night you are with us
  • Make some changes to our operating timetable. - Operational needs mean we have to cruise for sufficient time to get to the other end, also we need time to prepare meals. Within those restrictions we can make changes such as cruising through lunch or breakfast to allow for a visit to a place on route. Or perhaps a latter, or earlier, breakfast time. Again options will be discussed on the first night you are with us


Please note that we are not now operating Reed Boats

as a cruising Hotel.

These pages are for historic interest only.



Booking Form / Booking Conditions / Agents Booking Page.

If you have any questions then do ring us on 07977 229103
or email us at

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