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The boats are 70 ft long by 7 ft wide. That might seem big compared to a car when you try to steer them, but when you compare it to a family house and a hotel for up to eight guests then it seems tiny! However they contain ...

In Ash the Butty.

Your cabin is self contained with a lock on the door!

We have berths for a total of ten spread betweem both boats, but we need space for two crew as well, so we can only take a maximum of eight guests. .

There are six single cabins, two on Oak, four on Ash, and two twin cabins, one on Ash, and one on Oak. either can also be made with a double bed.

Compact and comfy, each cabin has a bed, wash basin, with hot and cold water of course, and electric light, both overhead and a bedside reading light. There is carpet on the floor and a radiator with its own thermostat in each cabin.

There is a large window out of which you can watch the ever changing view, its' top panel opens for ventilation. Bed linen, towels and curtains are colour co-ordinated to give a 'touch of class.'

There are two drawers, one with a lock, a wardrobe which has ample hanging space and a spare blanket and spare pillow on the top shelf. There are two more shelves in the cabin for your belongings, and when you have unpacked we can store your case(s) out of your way.

We equip each cabin with soap, shower gel, bottled water, a clock, a torch, a vase of flowers, clothes brushes etc. all we can think of to make your stay pleasant. Each cabin also has two shelves of light reading in addition to the main canal libraries in the lounges.

There are three shower rooms, two on Ash and one on Oak. They all have a powerful roomy shower with a plentiful supply of hot water. There is a modern flush toilet as well as a wash basin in each one. A hair drier is also available for your use. There is a fourth toilet on Oak.

There is a small lounge on Ash. As well as comfy seats, the floor is carpeted and extra cushions are provided for your comfort. Here you will find the rest of the canal library and a CD player / radio, as well as a wide selection of CDs for you to play. The front facing windows and the glass panels in the cratch mean that you have a fine view forward when relaxing here.


In Oak the Motor.

The main saloon is on Oak. It is fully carpeted. Here you will find part of our large library of canal books as well as a good selection of canal magazines and whenever possible a couple of daily papers. There is comfy seating and a table for you to write your postcards on or to play a board or card game out of the selection provided.

Throughout both boats are radiators, but in addition the main lounge has a coal fire which, with the vase of flowers beside it, provides a focal point alongside the front facing windows.

Opposite the fire is the well-stocked bar, open 24/7 and a DVD player and TV. Alongside there are several 240 volt sockets to recharge your mobile phones, cameras etc. at any time.

The Saloon on Oak also acts as our dining room, the table being extended and folding chairs used as required so we can seat up to twelve people for dinner, although more usually it is just four to six.

At the front of both boats is an outside cockpit area with side bench seating for four and windows to the front. They are excellent places to sit and watch the world go by. Both boats have canvas covers, with plastic windows in them so the well decks can be used come rain or shine. On Oak in the Spring and Autumn the coal fire heats this area as well.

Passage between the boats when they are moored together is via the cockpits, which have steps up to the side to help you, and non-slip pads and hand grips to make sure you do not slip. However if this concerns you ask about reserving a cabin on Oak so you do not have to cross between boats.


Now go to our Tour Pages so you can explore the boats in pictures.

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Our Construction Pages show the boats being built.

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